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CHAOS: Linux from Livermore

Date and Revisions

Revision   Keyword        Description of
Date       Affected       Change
--------   --------       ------
12Jun07    chaos-features Subdivided and expanded.
                          Subdivided and expanded.
           diskless-nodes How CHAOS 3.2 handles diskless nodes.
                          NVIDIA, Mesa complex interactions.
           interconnect   Infiniband support explained.
                          Lustre 1.4.8 refinements spelled out.
           numa-tools     More support for NUMA hardware added.
           taskset        NUMA affinity tool added.
           numactl        NUMA memory-policy tool added.
           numa-maps      NUMA memory-reporting tool added.
           index          New keywords for 8 new sections.

03Oct06    resource-manager
                          SLURM details expanded, AIX role noted.

27Mar06    cluster-administration
                          LCRM support for PAM added, explained.

25Jan06    environment-variables
                          Cross ref added to Env. Vars. manual.

21Nov05    chaos-goals    Cross ref. to exec-shield added.
           chaos-features How to detect CHAOS version added.
           exec-shield    New section explains security feature.
           index          New keyword for new section.

03May05    resource-manager
                          SLURMD daemon and SMAP tool
                          differences on BlueGene/L noted.

08Mar05    interconnect   Elan environment vars. site.
                          Cross ref to Elan MPI vars. added.

14Feb05    parallel-file-system
                          Lustre usage help cross ref. added.

24Jan05    cluster-administration
                          IPMI and WHATSUP tools added.

10Nov04    chaos-features Scheduler flexibility cross ref'd.
                          SINFO roles, features spelled out.

24May04    resource-manager
                          SQUEUE role, features spelled out.

18Mar04    introduction   Details clarified.
                          SRUN user benefits spelled out.

28Oct03    chaos-features SLURM now deployed.
                          SINFO added, SRUN elaborated.
                          Cross ref to SLURM variables added.

25Aug03    chaos-goals    Cross ref to SLURM manual added.
                          Cross ref to SLURM manual added.

15Jul03    chaos-goals    LLNL Linux web site noted.
                          Local kernel modifications summarized.
                          More tool details, links added.

10Mar03    entire         First edition of CHAOS manual.

TRG 12Jun07

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