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CHAOS: Linux from Livermore

Managing Graphics Libraries

Before CHAOS 3.2, the Mesa graphics library and the NVIDIA graphics library interferred with each other on LC Linux/CHAOS clusters (because the operating system allowed the NVIDIA installer to overwrite Mesa libGL files in /usr/lib64 or /usr/lib).

Starting with CHAOS 3.2 (spring, 2007), NVIDIA files are installed in /usr/nvidia instead of /usr/lib64. The X-server configuration file and the system default library search path now look for libGL in /usr/nvidia before checking the usual library directories. And X11 now always renders with NVIDIA rather than with Mesa.

The chart below shows the default (mixed) graphics library and default include files on LC Linux clusters running CHAOS 3.2 or later versions. It also shows how you can switch to the alternative, nondefault library or include files if either default setting is not best for your work:

Graphics Library Include Files

Default NVIDIA libGL Mesa include files
Change GL to Mesa Put /usr/lib64 into
environment variable
Change includes to NVIDIA's Compile with
-I /usr/nvidia/include
g++ option

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