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CHAOS: Linux from Livermore

Keyword Index

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Keyword                      Description
-------                      -----------
entire                     This entire document.
title                      The name of this document.
scope                      Topics covered in this document.
availability               Where CHAOS runs.
who                        Who to contact for assistance.

introduction               CHAOS operating system overview.
  chaos-goals              CHAOS design goals, needs met.
  chaos-features           Key components of CHAOS environment.
    problems-addressed     Four problems addressed by CHAOS.
    diskless-nodes         How CHAOS handles diskless nodes.
    graphics-libraries     Managing NVIDIA, Mesa interactions.

interconnect               Support for QsNet node interconnect.

parallel-file-system       Requirements, phases of parallel I/O support.

resource-manager           SLURM goals, features, and user tools.

cluster-administration     Cluster tools supported by CHAOS.
  admin-tools              Tools for system administrators.
  user-tools               Tools for users of NUMA nodes.
  numa-tools               Tools for users of NUMA nodes.
    taskset                Manages NUMA CPU affinity.
    numactl                Controls NUMA memory policy.
    numa-maps              Shows NUMA memory use.

environment-variables      CHAOS-relevant env. variables.

exec-shield                Exec-shield CHAOS security feature.

index                      The structural index of keywords.
a                          The alphabetical index of keywords.
date                       The latest changes to this document.
revisions                  The complete revision history.

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