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Pthreads Overview (for LC)

Keyword Index

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Keyword                      Description
-------                      -----------
entire                     This entire document.
title                      The name of this document.
scope                      Topics covered in this document.
availability               Where these programs run.
who                        Who to contact for assistance.

introduction               Topics and issues covered.

definitions                Defines thread features, terms.

analogies                  Alternative ways to use threads.

benefits                   Advantages of pthreads use.

models                     Three ways systems implement threads.

environment-variables      AIX threads-control e-vars.
tuning                     AIX threads-control e-vars.

dangers                    Known problems of ptheads use.

synchronization            Thread synchronization techniques.
  synchronization-chart    Tabular technique comparison.
                           Five ways to synchronize threads.
    joining                Joining to synchronize threads.
    mutex                  Mutex variable to synchronize threads.
    condition              Condition var to synchronize threads.
    rwlock                 Read/write lock to synchronize threads.
    semaphores             Semaphores to synchronize threads.

differences                Vendor variations in pthreads details.
  comparison-table         Pthreads implementations compared.
  linux-pthreads           General issues about Linux pthreads.
  nptl-pthreads            Native POSIX Threading Lib vs. LinuxThreads.
  linuxthreads             Native POSIX Threading Lib vs. LinuxThreads.

benchmarks                 Microbenchmark suite for pthreads.

index                      The structural index of keywords.
a                          The alphabetical index of keywords.
date                       The latest changes to this document.
revisions                  The complete revision history.

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