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SLURM Reference Manual

SLURM and Operating Systems

SLURM was originally used as a resource manager for Linux (specifically for CHAOS) systems. But starting in 2006, LC began gradually replacing IBM's native LoadLeveler with SLURM on its AIX systems as well. The AIX-SLURM combination behaves (and has been configured by LC system administrators to behave) slightly differently than the CHAOS-SLURM combination, however. This means that to answer a job-control question increasingly requires knowing both the relevant resource manager and the current operating system.

This table summarizes the known tool contrasts among the different resource-manager/operating-system combinations now possible on LC machines:

Linux (CHAOS) +

Start a parallel job: SRUN POE POE
Specify a node pool: SRUN
-w or --nodelist
-rmpool pnumber
(not name)
-rmpool pname
(not number)
Get job information: SQUEUE LLQ SQUEUE
Get node information: SINFO LLSTATUS SINFO
Cancel a started job: SCANCEL LLCANCEL SCANCEL
PSUB -g option applies: NO YES YES

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