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SLURM Reference Manual

SLURM Utilities

SLURM's six command-line utilities provide its direct interface for users (while LCRM and Moab utilities, as explained in EZJOBCONTROL, provide an indirect interface). These utilities are:

submits jobs to run under SLURM management. SRUN can
(A) submit a batch job and then terminate, or
(B) submit an interactive job and then persist to shepherd the job as it runs, or
(C) allocate resources to a shell and then spawn that shell for use in running subordinate jobs.
SLURM associates every set of parallel tasks ("job steps") with the SRUN instance that initiated that set, and SRUN gives you elaborate control over node choice and I/O redirection for your parallel job. (Job steps are not supported on BlueGene/L.)
displays (by default) the queue of running and waiting jobs (or "job steps"), including the JobId (used for SCANCEL), and the nodes assigned to each running job. But you can customize SQUEUE reports to cover any of 24 different job properties, sorted by the properties most important to you.
displays a summary of status information on SLURM-managed partitions and nodes (not jobs). Customizable SINFO reports can cover the node count, state, and name list for a whole partition, or the CPUs, memory, disk space, or current status for individual specified nodes.
cancels a running or waiting job, or sends a specified signal to all processes on all nodes associated with a job (only job owners or their administrators can cancel their jobs).
(privileged users only) manages available nodes (for example, by "draining" jobs from a node or partition to prepare it for servicing) and assigns properties to node partitions.
(on BlueGene/L only) displays a character-based chart or plot showing how nodes are allocated geometrically among current jobs and BG/L partitions (a job-planning tool).

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