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SLURM Reference Manual

Resource Control

-I (uppercase, --immediate)
exits if requested resources are not available at once (by default, SRUN blocks until requested resources become available).
(AIX systems only, where SLURM has replaced LoadLeveler) specifies the communication protocol to use (normally set with environment variable SLURM_NETWORK; see that section below). For systems with an IBM Federation switch (Purple, UM, UV, UP), the choices for type include IP, SN_ALL, SN_SINGLE, BULK_XFER, and the adapter names used as values for POE environment variable MP_EUIDEVICE (see the "Task Communications" section in the POE User Guide).
-O (uppercase oh, --overcommit)
overcommits CPUs. By default, SRUN never allocates more than one process per CPU. If you intend to assign multiple processes per CPU, you must invoke the -O option along with -n and -N (thus -n16-N4-O together allow 2processes/CPU on the 4 allocated 2-CPU nodes). Even with -O, SRUN never allows more than MAX_TASKS_PER_NODE tasks to run on any single node.
specifies which of the modifiable (soft) resource limits rlimits to propagate to the compute nodes and hence apply to this job (without rlimits, propagates all resource limits).
-W sec (uppercase, --wait=sec)
waits sec seconds after the first task terminates before terminating all remaining tasks (default for sec is unlimited). Use -W to force an entire job to end fairly quickly if any one task terminates prematurely.

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