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SLURM Reference Manual

Help and Message Options

inserts any string text as a comment amid other options (e.g., in a script that runs SRUN).
lists the long (Linux) and, if there is one, the corresponding short (UNIX, one-character) name for every SRUN option, with a one-line description of each. Options appear in categories by function, not alphabetically.
notifies by e-mail the user specified by --mail-user when events of type mtype occur, where mtype can be any one of:
reveals the start of this job.
reveals the successful completion of this job.
reveals premature termination of this job.
reveals any job state change (including those above).
specifies user muser (default is the job's submitter) to receive any state-change e-mail messages about this job (as selected by --mail-type).
-Q (uppercase, --quiet)
suppresses all SRUN informational messages (only error messages are still displayed).
reports a 9-line syntax summary for SRUN, which reveals many (but not all) SRUN options, and usually includes either the short (UNIX, one-character) or long (Linux) option name but not both. Options appear in no obvious order.
-V (uppercase, --version)
reports the currently installed version number for SLURM, then immediately ends.

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