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SLURM Reference Manual

Debug (Root) Options

These special SRUN options allow root users to launch jobs as a user or group other than themselves for testing or debugging.

(for root SRUN users only) retrieves the login environment variables for the user specified in the --uid option (below) by running
su -username -c /usr/bin/env
and parsing the output. Environment variables already set in SRUN's environment always take precedence over any environment variables imported from the user's login environment. This option works only in batch (-b, --batch) mode and only for root users (originally for use by Moab).
(for root SRUN users only) submits this job with ggroup's group access permissions, there ggroup may be either the intended group name or the numerical group ID.
(for root SRUN users only) submits this job as uuser instead of the actual submitting user. Root users can invoke --uid to run jobs as a normal user yet in the RootOnly partition; SRUN checks the invoking user's credentials to confirm access to the target partition, but then drops the job's permissions to those of uuser after node allocation. Here uuser may be either the intended user name or the numerical user ID.

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