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SLURM Reference Manual

Multiple Program Usage

SRUN's --multi-prog option (see SRUN Resource-Allocation Options above) lets you assign to each parallel task in your job a different program with (if you wish) a different argument.

If you invoke --multi-prog, then SRUN's own argument is not the name of one executable program (as usual) but rather the name of a local configuration file that specifies how to assign multiple programs and arguments among your job's tasks. For example,

srun -n8 -l --multi-prog test.config

(where -l here labels each task's output by task number for clarity).

Configuration File.
Each row in an SRUN --multi-prog configuration file contains these three ordered fields, separated by blanks:

Task number
specifies by a comma-delimited series of nonnegative integers the specific tasks configured on this row, with ranges specified by hyphens (for instance: 2,4-8,10,12). Star (*) specifies all tasks, which of course defeats the point of invoking --multi-prog.
Executable file
assigns to this row's tasks the specified program to execute (may be an absolute pathname if you wish, such as /usr/bin/spell).
assigns to this row's program the argument(s) listed. You can parameterize the argument(s) by including either of these special expressions:
evaluates to the task number of the responsible task.
(lowercase oh) evaluates to the task offset, that is, to the task's relative position within the task range configured on this row (always starts with zero).

Example Usage.
Here is a sample --multi-prog configuration file to illustrate the above features:

          4-6     hostname
          1,7     echo      task:%t
          0,2,3   echo      task:%o

Here is the output of using the SRUN execute line shown above with this file serving as test.config (and run on machine ALC):

          0: offset:0
          1: task:1
          2: offset:1
          3: offset:2
          4: alc20.llnl.gov
          5: alc21.llnl.gov
          6: alc22.llnl.gov
          7: task:7

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