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SLURM Reference Manual

SQUEUE Job State Codes

Most SQUEUE reports use short codes (abbreviations) to reveal the state (current status) of each job that SLURM manages. The SQUEUE job-state codes and what they mean are explained here in alphabetical order. A separate section covers SINFO node state codes.

Note that these SQUEUE codes differ from those used by PSTAT to report the status that LCRM/DPCS assigns to the batch jobs that it schedules (across machines "above" SLURM). See the Status Values for Batch Jobs section of the LCRM/DPCS Reference Manual for a long explanatory list of those different job states.

Job has successfully ended all of its processes on all nodes (LCRM/DPCS: CMPLETED).
Job is in the process of completing, so some processes on some nodes may still be active.
Job has terminated with a nonzero exit code or other failure condition.
Job has terminated because one or more nodes allocated to it has failed.
Job is awaiting resource allocation (there are many corresponding LCRM/DPCS states depending on just which resources are needed).
Job is executing successfully now (LCRM/DPCS: RUN).
Job has terminated upon reaching its time limit (LCRM/DPCS: TERMINATED).

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