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SLURM Reference Manual


The SCANCEL options are organized into three functional groups (those that select jobs to signal, those that control SCANCEL's behavior or modes, and those that report information), and then alphabetically within each group.


-n jobname (lowercase, --name=jobname)
specifies the name of the job to be signaled (no default).
-p pname (lowercase, --partition=pname)
specifies the SLURM partition (e.g., pdebug) from which jobs are to be signaled (no default).
-t jstate (lowercase, --state=jstate)
specifies the SLURM state that jobs must be in to be signaled, where jstate must be one of these choices: pending, running, suspended (by default, SCANCEL selects jobs from all states based on other filters).
-u uname (lowercase, --user=uname)
specifies the login name of the user whose job(s) are to be signaled (useful for root users or for users with many jobs to cancel, but remember that even with -u you cannot signal another user's jobs).


-h (lowercase, --batch)
signals the batch shell for the job(s) otherwise specified.
-i (lowercase, --interactive)
prompts you to interactively confirm (yes|no) the signal for each selected job or job step before SCANCEL sends it.
-q (lowercase, --quiet)
reports no error messages if a selected job cannot be signaled (because it has already completed). See also -v; you cannot use both.
-v (lowercase, --verbose)
increases the verbosity and detail of SCANCEL's reports. See also -q; you cannot use both.
-s sigid (lowercase, --signal=sigid)
specifies the name (e.g., TERM) or the indentifying number (e.g., 2) of the signal that you want SCANCEL to send to the selected job(s) or job step(s). The default sigid is KILL (9), which cancels the job or step. Possible UNIX signal numbers available for sigid here include 1, 2, 3, 9, 15, and 18 (whose exact interpretation may depend on the local version of UNIX).


lists each SCANCEL option and gives a one-line explanation of its role, then ends.
gives a very brief summary of SCANCEL's execute-line syntax (but no option explanations), then ends.
-V (uppercase, --version)
reports the current version of SCANCEL and ends.

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