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SLURM Reference Manual

Keyword Index

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Keyword                      Description
-------                      -----------
entire                     This entire document.
title                      The name of this document.
scope                      Topics covered in this document.
availability               Where SLURM runs.
who                        Who to contact for assistance.

introduction               Overview of SLURM features, comparisons.

slurm-strategy             Special benefits built into SLURM.
  slurm-goals              SLURM design goals as resource manager.
  slurm-roles              RMS, TBS, LCRM, SLURM compared.
  slurm-systems            How SLURM interacts with oper. systems.

slurm-features             How SLURM works.
  slurm-components         Software units comprising SLURM.
    slurmctld              SLURMCTLD control daemon explained.
    slurmd                 SLURMD local daemon explained.
  portability              How plugin modules make SLURM adaptable.
  user-impact              SLURM's effect on typical jobs.
  scheduler-types          SLURM's three alternative job schedulers.

slurm-operation            User interaction with SLURM.
  slurm-utilities          SLURM's direct user utility programs.

  srun                     Job-submittal and resource utility.
    srun-roles             SRUN roles and modes compared.
    poe-comparison         SRUN and (IBM) POE differences.
    run-mode-options       Enabling different job-run alternatives.
    resource-allocation    Assigning compute resources to jobs.
    control-options        Managing general job features.
      node-management      Spreading tasks, sharing nodes.
      working-features     Verbosity, job name, path options.
      resource-control     Waiting for resources, overcommitting.
      help-options         Requesting syntax summaries.
      prolog-options       Job and task prologs, epilogs.
      debug-options        Extra controls for root users.
    i-o-options            Handling job input, output, errors.
      i-o-commands         Input, output, error controls.
      i-o-alternatives     Five ways to redirect I/O.
    constraint-options     Specifying job constraints.
      general-constraints  Constraints for any job.
      numa-constraints     CPU and NUMA constraints only.
    environment-variables  SRUN environment variables defined.
    multi-prog-usage       Configuration example for SRUN --multi-prog.

  squeue                   Job reporting, monitoring utility.
    squeue-execute-line    How to run SQUEUE.
    squeue-options         Controlling, customizing SQUEUE output.
    squeue-examples        Standard and customized SQUEUE reports.
    job-states             SQUEUE job state (status) codes.

  sinfo                    Node status/property reporting utility.
    sinfo-execute-line     How to run SINFO.
    sinfo-options          Controlling, customizing SINFO output.
    sinfo-output-fields    Column heads in SINFO reports explained.
    node-states            SINFO node state (status) codes.
    sinfo-examples         Standard and customized SINFO reports.

  smap                     Job geometry utility (BlueGene/L only).

  scontrol                 Sys admin configuration utility.

  scancel                  Job signaling or killing utility.
    scancel-execute-line   How to run SCANCEL.
    scancel-options        Selecting jobs, signals, interactivity for SCANCEL.
    scancel-examples       Using SCANCEL with or without options.

index                      The structural index of keywords.
a                          The alphabetical index of keywords.
date                       The latest changes to this document.
revisions                  The complete revision history.

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