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SLURM Reference Manual

Alphabetical List of Keywords

Keyword                      Description
-------                      -----------
a                          The alphabetical index of keywords.
availability               Where SLURM runs.
constraint-options         Specifying job constraints.
control-options            Managing general job features.
date                       The latest changes to this document.
debug-options              Extra controls for root users.
entire                     This entire document.
environment-variables      SRUN environment variables defined.
general-constraints        Constraints for any job.
help-options               Requesting syntax summaries.
i-o-alternatives           Five ways to redirect I/O.
i-o-commands               Input, output, error controls.
i-o-options                Handling job input, output, errors.
index                      The structural index of keywords.
introduction               Overview of SLURM features, comparisons.
job-states                 SQUEUE job state (status) codes.
multi-prog-usage           Configuration example for SRUN --multi-prog.
node-management            Spreading tasks, sharing nodes.
node-states                SINFO node state (status) codes.
numa-constraints           CPU and NUMA constraints only.
poe-comparison             SRUN and (IBM) POE differences.
portability                How plugin modules make SLURM adaptable.
prolog-options             Job and task prologs, epilogs.
resource-allocation        Assigning compute resources to jobs.
resource-control           Waiting for resources, overcommitting.
revisions                  The complete revision history.
run-mode-options           Enabling different job-run alternatives.
scancel                    Job signaling or killing utility.
scancel-execute-line       How to run SCANCEL.
scancel-options            Selecting jobs, signals, interactivity for SCANCEL.
scancel-examples           Using SCANCEL with or without options.
scheduler-types            SLURM's three alternative job schedulers.
scontrol                   Sys admin configuration utility.
scope                      Topics covered in this document.
sinfo                      Node status/property reporting utility.
sinfo-examples             Standard and customized SINFO reports.
sinfo-execute-line         How to run SINFO.
sinfo-options              Controlling, customizing SINFO output.
sinfo-output-fields        Column heads in SINFO reports explained.
slurm-components           Software units comprising SLURM.
slurm-features             How SLURM works.
slurm-goals                SLURM design goals as resource manager.
slurm-operation            User interaction with SLURM.
slurm-roles                RMS, TBS, LCRM, SLURM compared.
slurm-strategy             Special benefits built into SLURM.
slurm-systems              How SLURM interacts with oper. systems.
slurm-utilities            SLURM's direct user utility programs.
slurmctld                  SLURMCTLD control daemon explained.
slurmd                     SLURMD local daemon explained.
smap                       Job geometry utility (BlueGene/L only).
squeue                     Job reporting, monitoring utility.
squeue-examples            Standard and customized SQUEUE reports.
squeue-execute-line        How to run SQUEUE.
squeue-options             Controlling, customizing SQUEUE output.
srun                       Job-submittal and resource utility.
srun-roles                 SRUN roles and modes compared.
title                      The name of this document.
user-impact                SLURM's effect on typical jobs.
who                        Who to contact for assistance.
working-features           Verbosity, job name, path options.

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