Our People


Jay Thiagarajan presents at the BASCD conference

With nearly 100 publications, CASC researcher Jayaraman “Jay” Thiagarajan explores the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Greg Becker rock climbing

Computer scientist Greg Becker contributes to HPC research and development projects for LLNL’s Livermore Computing division.

Rushil Anirudh

Rushil Anirudh describes the machine learning field as undergoing a “gold rush.”

Kirk Sylvester stands outside the Bankhead Theater

Kirk Sylvester, security training coordinator with LLNL’s Global Security Computing Applications Division, is a self-proclaimed “tech geek.”

Marisa Torres speaks at the WiDS conference

Marisa Torres, software developer with LLNL’s Global Security Computing Applications Division, combines her love of biology with coding.