Our People


Lawrence Livermore National Lab has named Stefanie Guenther as Computing’s fourth Sidney Fernbach Postdoctoral Fellow in the Computing Sciences. This highly competitive fellowship is named after LLNL’s former Director of Computation and is awarded to exceptional candidates who demonstrate the potential for significant achievements in computational mathematics, computer science, data science, or scientific computing.

Alyson Fox presenting at the WiDS conference

Alyson Fox is a math geek. She has three degrees in the subject—including a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder—and her passion for solving complex challenges drives her work at LLNL’s Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC).

Rafael Rivera-Soto posed outside the HPC building

Rafael Rivera-Soto is passionate about artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning technologies. He works in LLNL’s Global Security Computing Applications Division, also known as GSCAD.

Louella Panaga in front of a leafy tree

The Lab is in many ways similar to a small city, and people like Louella Panaga help keep it operational day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute.

Rachael climbing a rock face

Rachael Lemos is a software developer in Computing’s Applications, Simulations, & Quality Division, or ASQ. She’s a great example of the Lab’s student success, as she was a summer intern before landing a full-time job.