Our People


Will Pazner next to the CASC logo

LLNL has named Will Pazner as Computation’s third Sidney Fernbach Postdoctoral Fellow in the Computing Sciences.

Nisha Mulakken

Nisha Mulakken is advancing COVID-19 R&D and mentoring the next generation. “The opportunities we are exposed to early in our careers can shape the limits we place on ourselves and our approaches to challenges we encounter throughout our careers,” she says.

Jarom Nelson performing in Roman dress in front of a choir of formally dressed singers

As group leader and application developer in the NIF Computing Applications Division (NIFC), Jarom has been working on the development and release of VBL++ (Virtual Beamline), the next-generation laser physics code that will enable simulations to utilize high performance computing (HPC) to simula

Seven researchers stand in a group in front of trees and tall grasses

CASC researcher Harsh Bhatia thrives in the Lab’s versatile research environment. “At the Lab, no two problems are the same. Therefore, as a team, researchers deliver hundreds of new data science solutions each year. We are very fortunate to have access to many high-impact projects so we can really make a difference with our data science or data analysis solutions,” he says.

Lawrence Livermore National Lab has named Stefanie Guenther as Computing’s fourth Sidney Fernbach Postdoctoral Fellow in the Computing Sciences. This highly competitive fellowship is named after LLNL’s former Director of Computation and is awarded to exceptional candidates who demonstrate the potential for significant achievements in computational mathematics, computer science, data science, or scientific computing.