Our People


Marisol Gamboa

At just 5 years old, Marisol Gamboa, the oldest of six siblings to Mexican immigrants, decided she was definitely going to college.

LLNL's Juan Ramos with laptop

Juan Ramos discovered a professional calling in computer networking, security, and information technology while in the Marines.

Tammy Dahlgren stands in the Livermore Computing Complex B453

Tammy Dahlgren has worked primarily in software development and research, as well as on efforts ranging from systems and middleware to applications development and software quality assurance. “I like challenges, trying different things, and the opportunity to make a positive impact,” she says.

Portrait of Carol Woodward

CASC researcher Carol Woodward consults on a diverse array of projects at the Laboratory and beyond. “It’s nice because it means I can work at the same place and not be stuck just doing one thing,” she says.

Julia Ramirez smiling as her summer student receives an award at Student Poster session

Julia Ramirez helps automate and streamline LLNL processes for preparing reports and responding to audits.