Our People


Jeene Villanueva with students

Jeene Villanueva develops enterprise modeling tools that help DOE decision makers gain insight into the challenging problems faced by the U.S. nuclear weapons complex.

Lisa Belk chats with intern Emily Murch in front of Emily's poster

When IT manager Lisa Belk entered college, it was not her intent to seek out a career in a technical field. The technical jobs just seemed to find her.

Chris poses next to the massive Grove file system

Working extensively with open-source software such as Lustre and engaging with the broader open-source community is what computer scientist Chris Morrone enjoys most about his job, and it is one of the features that attracted him to LLNL in the first place.

Maya Gokhale poses in 453, a building that houses many of Computation's employees and computer systems

Computer scientist Maya Gokhale appreciates the unpredictability and rapid pace of change in her chosen field. “You never know where computing is going to go, and that’s what’s exciting about it,” she says.

Kathryn Mohrer is dwarfed by the scale of the Sequoia supercomputing system

Kathryn Mohror develops tools that give researchers the information they need to tune their programs and maximize results. After all, says Kathryn, “It’s all about getting the answers more quickly.”