Our People


Punita Sinha works on her laptop

LLNL computer scientist Punita Sinha feels she has made the right career choice.

Rob Neely in front of Computation Building

Livermore computer scientist and HPC advocate Rob Neely relishes the diverse nature of his responsibilities.

Brian tests new algorithms to support adaptive mesh refinement

Brian Gunney became fascinated with the field of computational fluid dynamics because he thought it could be critical in solving many problems he considered unsolvable.

Jeene Villanueva with students

Jeene Villanueva develops enterprise modeling tools that help DOE decision makers gain insight into the challenging problems faced by the U.S. nuclear weapons complex.

Lisa Belk chats with intern Emily Murch in front of Emily's poster

When IT manager Lisa Belk entered college, it was not her intent to seek out a career in a technical field. The technical jobs just seemed to find her.