Dianne Calloway has been at the Lab for 35 years, yet she is never bored. Her team in Computing’s Enterprise Application Services (EAS) Division builds and maintains data-tracking applications that support a huge variety of work at the Lab. For instance, their software tracks every chemical purchase—from the time it’s bought all the way through its disposal. The team built an app that manages sampling needs for various activities at the National Ignition Facility, the world’s largest and most energetic laser. They also handle the Lab’s electronic health records system. When they’re not building new apps, they’re upgrading legacy systems.

In short, the software produced by Dianne’s team helps make sure employees perform work safely while the innovative work done at the Lab is protected. “My team supports a wide variety of applications. No two days are alike,” she says. “There’s always something new to learn.”

Dianne enjoys making people feel welcome, and as associate program leader she strives for team cohesion. This means placing team members on projects where they are interested in the business area or the technology—ideally both. She states, “Finding the right mix of personalities and technical capabilities helps us make work more enjoyable.”

Her career has spanned a range of opportunities in software development. She notes, “I’ve gone from hanging magnetic tapes to writing code to supervising other developers. The work is sometimes challenging but mostly rewarding. I love the collaborative spirit of people who work at the Lab.” LLNL’s flexible work environment has also made a difference in Dianne’s life: A Lab scholarship helped Dianne complete her bachelor’s degree, and she was able to take time off to care for a daughter born with heart defects. “I’ve received tremendous personal and professional support,” she says.