We advance a broad spectrum of national missions through innovative application of computational expertise.
Computation Supercomputing Building (TSF)
Organization: Programs & Affiliates

Programs & Affiliates

Our R&D strategy reflects our commitment to lead in HPC to support LLNL’s missions and programs. To that end, the ASC and M&IC programs expand computation and simulation capabilities through user access to state-of-the-art classified and unclassified computing resources, while LDRD advances computer science and math disciplines and develops new technology to support LLNL programs.

The Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Program supports the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Defense Programs’ emphasis in simulation-based confidence. ASC develops simulation capabilities to analyze and predict the performance, safety, and reliability of nuclear weapons and to certify their functionality. ASC simulations are central to national security, as they provide a computational surrogate for nuclear testing. Also, through close coordination with other government agencies, ASC tools play an important role in supporting nonproliferation efforts, emergency response, and nuclear forensics.

The Multiprogrammatic and Institutional Computing Program (M&IC) brings tailored, cost-effective classified and unclassified computing services to LLNL programs and scientists. M&IC constantly works at balancing investments to meet the widespread demand for capacity computing and provide cost-effective capability platforms.

Through the Institutional Unclassified Computing Grand Challenge Awards, Livermore expands access to HPC resources to the broader Laboratory community. Grand Challenge projects push the frontiers of computational science and achieve scientific breakthroughs impossible without HPC resources.

The Data Science Institute (DSI) supports growth in this field across LLNL programs and among the external data science community. Building on a foundation of research and applications related to core missions, the DSI enables excellence in data science research and applications in the broadest sense—including work based in statistics, machine learning, and computer science—to strengthen programs and address open challenges.

The Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program (LDRD) is the most important source of internal R&D funding at LLNL. LDRD funds forward-thinking, potentially high-payoff projects at the forefront of research and ensures that the Laboratory will be ready to meet future technological challenges facing the nation.