I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience and would recommend it to a friend. The value of attending seminars each week was priceless.
Steven Dalton
Summer Intern
Intern poses with her student poster
Careers: Internship Program

Intern Hiring Process

Our internships are stimulating and challenging assignments that provide excellent work experience.

As a national security laboratory, LLNL has a rigorous hiring and clearance process. We appreciate your time and patience with our process.

  1. Apply to our Computing Student Intern job posting.
  2. Provide all information needed for the hire package
  3. Submit your current unofficial transcripts for all degrees completed to date.
  4. Receive an official offer of employment from Human Resources.
  5. Complete drug screening.
  6. Complete the online Post-Offer Security Form (our official employment application).
  7. Obtain security approval for a basic clearance.

Step 1 — Apply for the Computing Student Internship. Your application will be reviewed by the Scholar Program administrative staff and then made available to our technical host. Once a technical host has selected you, you will be notified via email of their interest. Typically, an interested host will conduct a phone interview and let you know if you have been selected for an internship. Please note that this portion of the process is not an official job offer.

Step 2 — Provide all information needed for the hire package. Once you are selected for an internship, you will be asked to provide additional information needed for the hire package as soon as possible.

Step 3 — Forward your current unofficial transcripts to the Scholar Program Coordinator when prompted.

Step 4 — Receive an official employment offer. When the aforementioned steps are complete, a Human Resources Employment Specialist will contact you either by phone or email to extend an offer of employment.

Step 5 — Complete the drug screening process. Once you have accepted the official employment offer, the HR Employment Specialist will provide you with detailed screening instructions. You may begin employment at LLNL after you have passed the drug screening.

Step 6 — Complete LLNL’s online Post-Offer Security Form. After you have accepted the offer, you will be asked to complete this form as soon as possible. It serves as both our official employment application and security form. Your offer will be contingent upon obtaining security approval for a basic clearance.

Step 7 Obtain security approval for a basic clearance. The online Post-Offer Security Form contains the information needed to request a basic “P” security clearance for your potential employment. Most P clearance checks and approvals take 4–6 weeks. The Safeguards and Security Department will contact you directly if they have any questions. Please do not make any travel or housing arrangements before you receive confirmation of your approved “P” security clearance.

Intern Positions Available

Data Science Summer Institute:

“Everyone in the summer student program has been so kind and supportive. I feel that I can ask anyone questions and they would be happy to help me troubleshoot a problem.” – Shasha Wen, summer intern

“Student contributions enhance our ongoing ability to solve problems of national interest.” – Jeff Keasler, mentor