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lft - list file types for indicated UNICOS files


lft [-c] [-n] file_list


lft lists the file type for each file in the list of indicated files to the STDOUT device. It behaves the same as the UNIX file command except it recognizes nltss text and lib files in addition to various UNICOS file types. Options exist to list only the nltss text files, and to run ctou to convert each nltss text file to its equivalent unicos ascii text form.


Convert all nltss text files in the indicated list of files to their equivalent unicos form. Only the nltss text files (excluding lib files) are converted. The resulting unicos files replace nltss text files converted in this manner.
List only the nltss text files in the indicated list of files. No other files are listed when this option is used.

File Types

The file types recognized by lft include:

ar archive core file lib file relocatable
ascii text data file migrated shell script
bld library directory nltss build stripped
compressed executable nltss text tar file

No effort is made to read any "migrated" files to determine their type. UNICOS ascii text files that contain any null characters in their first 4096 characters are indicated as "ascii null." Files with denied permission or zero-length are "inaccessible." Files not recognized as any other type are indicated as "data file."

Ascii Files

Every line in an nltss text file is followed by a hex 1F character. All nltss text files are terminated by a hex 1C character. Some nltss text files use blank compression; this consists of a hex 1B character, followed by a byte containing a hex 30 plus the number of blanks compressed.

Lines in ascii text files represented in their UNICOS form end with a linefeed (hex 0A) character. A termination character is not used for unicos files, but the file length includes the line feed following the last character in the last line of the file.


In certain cases, file types could be reported incorrectly. This should, however, never happen for an nltss text file.


lft * lists file types for all files in current directory.
lft -c *.f insures all '.f' text files are converted to UNICOS.
lft -n ../* lists all nltss text files in the parent directory.

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