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rlib - extract CTSS files from a CTSS "library" file


rlib [-l] [-x] ctss_library_file [file1 file2 ...]

rlib ctss_library_file [-l] [-x file1 file2 ...]


If no options are given, rlib extracts all the files from an LTSS "library" file (created with the lib utility). This extraction is performed recursively, so if other library files are found within the library file, all files within them are extracted, and so on.

Recursive extraction is performed only when the second command-line form is used; it is not performed with the first command line form.

No file conversion is performed on the files, so you may need to convert each file that is extracted.


List the names of the files contained in the LTSS "library" file to stdout. Do not extract the files.
Extract only the named files. When the second command line form is used, if any of the named files is an LTSS library file, all files within that library file are extracted, and so on.


The following example extracts all the files from the lib file libfile without recursion.

rlib -x libfile


rlib will abort if there are more than 500 files contained within the "library" file.

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