TotalView 6.3.0-1-LLNL

Release Features

October 9, 2003

TotalView is a product of Etnus, LLC.

This documents the release of TotalView 6.3.0-1-LLNL installed as totalview and totalviewcli on October 9, 2003, on OCF and SCF LC platforms.

Etnus 6.3.0-1 Release
§ TotalView 6 Documentation -- Getting Started, Reference Guide, User Guide
§ New Features
§ Release Notes
§ Problems fixed in 6.3
§ Support of xlf 8.1.1 and Visual Age 6.0
New Features
§ Support for Enhanced C++ STL Collection Classes
§ Control of Library Symbol Table Loading
§ Support for Dynamic Calling of Unlinked Functions
§ Support for Heap Allocation Debugging
LLNL/LANL Implemented Features
§ Display of 2-D arrays in spreadsheet format. -- LANL
§ CLI: "dtrace.tcl" -- determine where a variable changes.
§ Previous LLNL/LANL Enhancements to TotalView
§ Release Status for Requested Features
§ TotalView.6.3.1-0-LLNL Release Features

TotalView Debugger Tutorial by Blaise Barney
TotalView Quick Reference Page
TotalView CLI Summary Sheet

For problems/questions, send e-mail to Matt Wolfe, Dong Ahn, Karen Warren (LLNL) or Laurie McGavran (LANL).

Control of Library Symbol Table Loading

Users of large codes with large libraries may decrease startup time by specifying which dynamic libaries they wish to debug.

Select Dynamic Libraries on the Files>Preferences page:

Suppose you were debugging a code that used Python and were interested in debugging only two of the dynamic Python libraries.
List these two libraries in the left upper pane of the dynamic library option window.
Add /usr/apps/python/opt/lib/python2.2/lib-dynload in the right upper pane to filter out the other libraries.

When either of these libraries is loaded, TotalView will ask:

In the lower part of the page:
Load from these libraries list,

the user may specify which symbols are read for the user specified libraries.
all symbols, (default)
loader symbols, or
no symbols

If you find that you do need the symbol information that was excluded by the above options, place the cursor in the
Stack Trace Pane and click the right mouse.
Totalview will then display Load All Symbols in Stack. Selecting this causes TotalView to read in the debugging symbols for all libraries in the stack.

Support for Dynamic Calling of Unlinked Functions

The user can cause the loading of an unlinked library and use a function in that library in:
EVAL action points
the expression window
the CLI dprint command
Select the Tools>Dynamic Libraries command:

Click on the Load button. A standard Motif file browser dialog box appears. Set the directory to the place where libraries are:

Select the library and click on OK. TotalView displays a dialog asking if you should stop the process to set breakpoints. Answer No.

The shared library should appear in the list. Click Close to dimiss this dialog box.

Now you can use the function from that library for an evaluation:

Display of C++ STL Container Types

TotalView presents a meaningful display of C++ Standard Library Template (STL) collection classes. These classes include
vector, list, and map for integer, float, double, string, class. and pointers.
See STL documentation.
Compilers/platforms are:
(1) KAI KCC 4.0 on AIX/Power, IRIX/MIPS, and Tru64/ALPHA,
(2) IBM xlC 5.0 on AIX/Power,
(3) Compaq cxx 6.3 on Tru64/Alpha,
(4) GNU g++ 3.2 on AIX/Power, Tru64/Alpha and Linux/Alpha,
(5) SGI MPISpro CC7.3 on IRIX/MIPS.

Display of a list container that has not been transformed:

Display of a type transformed list contanier:

Display of transformed map container:

Heap Allocation Debugging

TotalView detects problems that occur when you allocate and free heap memory.

free() not allocated -- The address to free() does not lie in an allocated block.
realloc() not allocated -- The address to realloc() does not lie in an allocated block.
Address not at start of block -- The address to free() or realloc() is not the start of a previously allocated block.
Duplicate Allocation -- Address lies in an allocated block.
Allocation request returns null -- No memory available.

Heap Allocation Debugging must be activated at the start (or restart) of a run before any "go"s are issued:

non-POE jobs -- Select Tools>Enable Memory Debugging

POE jobs -- In the directory in which you're running totalview, create a file .tvdrc, containing one line:
set enable_memory_debugging true

If you are concerned about memory errors only in your own code, set Stop on Memory Errors off
and wait until you get to a bkp at the beginning of a problem area of code before you set it on.

The following Command Line Interface (Tools> Command Line Window), also provide valuable information:
dheap -status
dheap -info [-backtrace]

Display of 2D arrays in spreadsheet format

By using View->Spreadsheet (2-D arrays)->spreadsheet in the data window, totalview creates a spreadsheet display of the data. (View->Spreadsheet->column will return to the original format.)
Caveats: When scrolling vertically through the data, "holes" may appear; just click on Window->Update to fix it.
It may be slow for very large 2-D arrays.

Slicing may be used, but not filtering:

CLI: "dtrace.tcl" -- determine where a variable changes.

Use dtrace to: Cat /usr/local/tv/vsns/contrib/lib/dtrace.tcl for more info.

Release Status for Requested Features:

Function Release Approx Date
Single Click Dive (middle mouse button) totalview default
Automatic saving of breakpoints totalview default
Display structure members as arrays totalview default
Display pointers as arrays option totalview default
Remember data window layout TV6.3 betatv
Display lightweight core file stack traces TV6.3 betatv
Avoid display of poe window totalview default
Parallel evaluation of expressions totalview default
Expression window scrollbars totalview default
Heap Allocation Debugging TV6.3 betatv
Automatically find source search path TV6.3 betatv
Support for IA/64 TV6.3 betatv
Multi-Column Displays TV6.4 December '03
Multi-Variable Window TV6.4 December '03
Sort variables in stack frame TV6.5 March '04
Evaluation of C++ methods in eval expressions TV7.0 June '04
Use of F90 array syntax in eval expressions TV7.0 June '04
Saving of context between restarts TV7 ? summer '04 ?

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