TotalView Production Release Plans

Janaury 6, 2005

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TotalView is a product of TotalView Technologies

This documents future releases of TotalView at LLNL based upon Etnus' release schedule.

Future TotalView Releases

6.X GA Release, 2005(?)

  • Support for C++ Language Expressions
  • Support for Fortran 90 Language Expressions

Proposed Future LLNL Enhancements (items from user wish list)

  • Smart Restart -- return totalview to the same state it was when the user requested a restart
  • Data variable binary dump to file/pipe for input to third party software tools/visualizers
  • Variable History window
  • Context sensitive display of variables in a window which shows the variables within +/-n lines of the PC
  • Stdin/stdout handled via a separate window/pane and stdin also treated in the CLI
  • Record of user CLI and GUI commands for subsequent playback

Current Release: TV6.6.0-2-LLNL

Beta Release: TV 6X.7