TotalView CLI Summary Sheet

October 1, 2001

CLI Commands TotalView CLI Guide

The CLI prompt shows the focus of the command (similar to being in a window).
Default focus is the first thread of process 1. Example:

The focus is described: where width specifies the objects to which the command is applied.
width_letter can be:
Thread width
Process width
Group width
All processes
Default width
where group_indicator can be:
Control group
Default control group
Share group
Workers group
Lockstep group
Tid can be "<" which represents the lowest number worker thread.

Type help for information on all commands.
Use !! to repeat most recent command.

dattach alias at
Brings currently executing processes under CLI control.

ddetach alias det
Detaches from the processes.

dkill alias k
Terminates execution of target processes.

dload alias lo
Loads debugging information.

drerun alias rr
Restarts processes.

drun alias r
Start or restarts processes.

exit, quit
Exits from TotalView, ending the debugging session.

Program Information
ddown alias d
Moves down the call stack.

dlist alias l
Displays code relative to current list location.

l source.c
- lists first 20 lines of source.c
- lists next 20 lines
l source.c#80
- lists lines 80-99 from source.c
l -n 10
- lists 10 lines
l -n -10
- lists 10 lines before current line

dprint alias p
Prints the value of a variable or expression.
Example: print the first 100 values of a malloc-ed array:
for {set i 0} {$i < 100} {incr i} {p ptr\[$i\]}

Shows status of processes and threads in an array of P/T expressions.

dstatus alias st
Shows current status of processes and threads.

dup alias u
Moves up the call stack.

dwhat alias wh
Determines what a name refers to.

dwhere alias w
Display locations in the call stack.

Execution Control
dcont alias co
Continues execution and waits for execution to stop.

dfocus alias f
Changes the target of future CLI commands to this P/T set.
Similar to clicking on a different process window.

f a st
- prints status of everyone
f 1.3 p mysum
- prints mysum for thread 3, proc 1
f 1.3
- switches focus to thread 3, proc 1

dgo alias g
Resumes execution of target processes.

dgroups alias gr
manipulates and manages groups.
dgroups -add [ -g gid ] [ id-list ]
Adds members to thread and process groups
dgroups -delete [ -g gid ]
Deletes groups
dgroups -intersect [ -g gid ] [ id-list ]
Intersects a group with a list of processes and threads
dgroups [ -list ] [ pattern]
Prints process and thread group information
dgroups -new [ thread_or_process ] [ -g gid ] [ id-list ]
Creates a new thread or process group
dgroups -remove [ -g gid ] [ id-list ]
Removes members for thread or process groups

dhalt alias h
Suspends execution of target processes.

dhold alias hp
Suspends execution of target processes.

dnext alias n
Steps source lines, stepping over subroutines.

dnexti alias ni
Steps machine instructions, stepping over subroutines.

dout alias ou
Runs out from current subroutine.

dstep alias s
Steps lines, stepping into subroutines.

dstepi alias si
Steps machine instructions, stepping into subroutines.

dunhold alias uhp, uht
Releases a process/thread.

duntil alias un
duntil line-number
Runs to a line
duntil -address addr
Runs to an address
duntil proc-name
Runs into a function

Blocks command input until target processes stop.

dworker alias wof, wot>
Adds or removes a thread from a workers group

Action Points
dactions alias ac
dactions [ ap-id-list ] [ -at source-loc ] [ -enabled | -disabled ]
Displays information, saves, and reloads action points
dactions -save [ filename ]
Saves action points to a file
dactions -load [ filename ]
Loads previously saved action points

dbarrier alias ba, baw, BAW
dbarrier source-loc [ -stop_when hit { group | process | none } ] [ -stop_when_done { group | process | none } ]
Creates a barrier breakpoint at a source location
dbarrier -address addr [ -stop_when_hit { group | process | none } ] [ -stop_when_done { group | process | none } ]
Creates a barrier breakpoint at an address

dbreak alias b
dbreak source-loc [ -p | -g | -t ] [ [ -l lang ] -e expr ]
Creates a breakpoint at a source location
dbreak -address addr [ -p | -g | -t] [ [ -l lang ] -e expr ]
Creates a breakpoint at an address

ddelete alias de
Deletes specific action points.

ddisable, denable alias di, en
Disables action points; re-enables specific action points.

dwatch alias wa
dwatch variable [ -length byte-count ] [ -p | -g | -t ] [ [ -l lang ] -e expr ] [ -t type ]
Defines a watchpoint for a variable
dwatch -address addr [-length byte-count [ -p | -g | -t ] [ [ -l lang ] -e expr ] [ -t type ]
Defines a watchpoint for an address

Environment Commands
Creates or views pseudonyms for commands.

Allows output from commands that print results to be set to a variable.

Appends list elements to a TotalView variable.

Changes or views debugger state variable.

Restores default settings of Totalview state variables.

help alias he
Displays help information.

Sets terminal properties.

Removes a previously defined alias.

Other Commands
dassign alias as
Changes the value of a scalar variable.

Creates a checkpoint image of processes (SGI only).

Restarts a checkpoint.

Helper Functions
rpath [root] [filter]
Recursively sets a directory search path, CLI_EXECUTABLE_PATH.
If [root] is not specified, start at the current directory.
[filter] is a regular expression that removes unwanted entries.
If it is not specified, the macro automatically filters out CVS/RCS/SCCS directories.

Sample startup of poe job, comments are preceded by "#"
set tx_exec_file tx_mpi_shared
set tx_nprocs 4
set tx_nodes 1
#Load poe, remember the pid number
set poe_dpid [dload poe]
#Start the test program and stop it before it executes any code
dset TV::parallel_stop yes
drun $tx_exec_file -procs $tx_nprocs -nodes $tx_nodes
#group status
dfocus g dstatus
#list executable
dfocus p2
#Set a barrier breakpoint
dbarrier 38 -stop_when_hit process -stop_when_done group
#Run to that breakpoint
dfocus g dcont