Helium Rain
simulation of the hydrogen-helium system

Using first-principle molecular dynamics simulations, Miguel Morales, a DOE Stewardship Science graduate fellow from David Ceperley’s group at the University of Illinois worked with LLNL’s Eric Schwegler, Sebastien Hamel, Kyle Caspersen, and Carlo Pierleoni from the University of L’Aquila in Italy to determine the equation of state of the hydrogen-helium system at extremely high temperatures (4,000–10,000 Kelvin), similar to what would be found in the interior of Saturn and Jupiter. Using the Qbox code on Juno, the run time for this simulation was three million CPU hours using 16,000 processors.

Code: Qbox
Machine: Juno
Processors: 16,000
Run time: 3 M CPU hours
Visualization: Jonathan DuBois
Researcher: Eric Schwegler