M&IC Mission

Computation, now a mainstream method in theoretical science at LLNL, is essential at the level at which analytically intractable models are explored or complex multiphysics phenomena must be understood quantitatively. As we understand more and more truly basic science, the Laboratory looks to computation to make the vital quantitative connections among disparate phenomena that constitute the foundation of both pure and applied science.

The Laboratory's Multiprogrammatic and Institutional Computing (M&IC) Program brings tailored, cost-effective classified and unclassified computing services to LLNL programs and scientists. The Livermore Computing Center (LC) is primarily funded through the Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) and M&IC Programs. Because M&IC represents a broadening of services to multiple programs and to institutional users, such as Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) researchers, there are two related thrusts:

  • Multiprogrammatic Computing provides options for any non-LDRD effort to utilize LC in a cost-effective manner, either through purchasing a substantial block of time or through investing in the equipment required to meet the program's needs.
  • Institutional Computing grants researchers, independent of programmatic connection, access to institutional computer time. Any LDRD researcher requiring access will be accommodated. Services are provided at no cost. A special category of institutional computing is the Grand Challenge Program, which allocates significant capability resources to push the boundaries of high performance computing and simulation.

M&IC works closely with the Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP) and together have made LLNL a premier institution for computational and simulation science. Such standing is vital to the continued success of LLNL science programs and to the recruitment and retention of top scientists. M&IC constantly works at balancing investments to meet the widespread demand for capacity computing and provide cost-effective capability platforms. In fielding computing platforms and advanced data assessment capabilities, M&IC leverages the investments of the SSP for the mutual benefit of the SSP, other programs, and LLNL.

Through strong and consistent LLNL investments, M&IC's computing resources are used across LLNL to push the limits of computing and its application to simulation science. Through these efforts, LLNL has become a premier laboratory in simulation science, which has resulted in world-class scientific insight and has facilitated the recruitment and retention of leading physical and computer scientists. All LLNL programs and projects are bolstered through these efforts and provide LLNL scientists with access to world-class systems.

See the M&IC information brochure for a concise overview of the M&IC Program.


  • Have Data to Share with External Collaborators? LC's Green Data Oasis (GDO) is a large data store on the green network that provides Web and FTP access to scientific data you wish to share with remote colleagues. Interested users whose projects are associated with the M&IC Program or who have a Grand Challenge or LDRD allocation, who have a U.S. citizen LLNL employee to manage data on the GDO, and whose data have been released for unlimited distribution should contact Jeff Long, GDO Project Leader.

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