Investing in M&IC

Any program or project can arrange to compute at LC in a cost-effective manner through purchasing a substantial block of time (block-funding) or through co-investment in a system required to meet the program or project need.

Block Funding

A program or project can obtain compute cycles through block funding. In general, a program or project will contract for a certain number of cycles or bytes, and these will be delivered. The cost of such service will be based on the value of the hardware being used.

Block Funding
Host Core-Hours per $1000 Cost per Core-Hour
Aztec 16,425 $0.06
Cab 19,995 $0.05
Hera 13,432 $0.07
Hive 2,803 $0.36
Sierra 15,255 $0.07
Vulcan 109,600 $0.01


The Center will conduct substantial procurements periodically. It will be possible for programs or projects to co-invest in the procurement. The co-investing programs or projects will realize access rights in proportion to their investment.

Host Cost per Core Cost per GFLOP Core-Hours/Week per $1000
Aztec $533.33 $178.57 315.00
Cab $438.11 $21.06 383.47
Hera $652.17 $135.87 257.60
Hive $3,125.00 $651.04 53.76
Sierra $574.25 $51.27 292.55
Vulcan $79.93 $6.24 2101.92