Available Unclassified Computing Resources

Partnership with the Stockpile Stewardship Program

The M&IC platforms are part of the high performance computing (HPC) environment at LLNL. Some platforms represent primarily Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP) investments; others represent divided investments between multiple programs (including the SSP) and the Institution.

The support infrastructure (everything but the compute platforms) is covered both by M&IC and by the SSP, and the partners share the resources. The Center balances these investments according to the utilization of the broad support infrastructure by the partners. The end result is a more capable HPC environment than any program (or the Institution) could afford alone.

Computing Platforms

Investing programs or projects are invited to contact one of the M&IC Points of Contact regarding access rights.

Available computing platforms include Aztec, Cab, Sierra and Vulcan. A large data store on the green network called Green Data Oasis provides Web and FTP access to scientific data you wish to share with remote colleagues.


The ASC Program built and maintains PowerWall facilities that are used for demonstrations at high-level reviews, press conferences, and visits. They may also be used by scientists who wish to show their visualizations on a high-resolution display.

Applications can be run on the PowerWalls without modification by using the Distributed Multiheaded X (DMX) program that enables use of a tiled display as one large X display. The "streaming movie (sm)" format is used to create streaming movies that take advantage of the high resolution of the PowerWalls. For more information, please see PowerWall Display Facilities.

Programs wishing to collaborate with our visualization researchers in experimenting with the graphics server and video wall may contact Jeff Long, Information Management and Graphics Group Leader, at 925-423-6421, or send e-mail to long6@llnl.gov.

Storage Environment

The storage environment consists of an uncompressed archive managed by High Performance Storage System (HPSS) software. The Data Storage Group's Web page provides HPSS system specifications for both the unclassified and classified environments.

Other Resources


Software and Computing Tools