CASC Researcher Recognized for Career Accomplishments

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fifteen LLNL scientists and engineers were honored Monday for their accomplishments through the Laboratory’s first annual Early and Mid-Career Recognition (EMCR) Program. “We created this program because there should be a way to recognize and encourage employees who have demonstrated a huge potential at every stage of their careers,” LLNL Director Bill Goldstein said during the award presentation. He noted that, given the institution’s aging employee population, many of those early to mid-career employees may be leading the Laboratory sooner rather than later. “You’re the cream of the cream and we’re very lucky to have you,” he added.

One of those recognized was Computation’s own Carol Woodward, who works for the Center for Applied Scientific Computing. Carol, a leader at LLNL and in the greater computational mathematics community, develops and delivers nonlinear solvers, time integration methods, and verification techniques. The most notable aspect of her work is probably her long-standing leadership in developing and applying numerical methods for large-scale systems of nonlinear equations, especially systems that arise from discretizing nonlinear process development environments. She has been a leader in developing these capabilities through extensive experience with variably saturated subsurface-flow problems, radiation-diffusion systems, shallow-water equations, magneto-hydrodynamic simulations, and multi-scale/multi-physics simulations.

EMCR recognition is intended to acknowledge an exceptionally high level of technical achievement by engineers and scientists such as Carol who are in the early and middle portions of their career—defined as the period from 5 to 20 years after receiving their most recent degree. Winners receive a cash award and institutional funding (approximately equivalent to 20% support for one year) to pursue research activities in their area of interest.