Bringing together a community of people with a desire to innovate.
Researchers and developers from different divisions working together on hackathon project

Fall Hackathon Helps Grow a Community of Innovators

Monday, December 1, 2014

Computation held the latest hackathon on November 6 at the HPC Innovation Center on the Livermore Valley Open Campus. Approximately 60 people, comprising 30 teams, participated, working on projects ranging from Laptops on Foreign Travel (LOFT) service automation to packaging LLNL tools for SC14 to gesture recognition for the National Ignition Facility (NIF) status board.

Some participants came for the first time, while others, such as Applications, Simulations, and Quality Deputy Division Leader Gary Laguna, are hackathon veterans, having been involved in all seven events. Institutional Computing Services participation was the highest it has ever been, making the collaboration aspect of the event all the more valuable. 

“There is art in the discipline of computer science,” said Gary, who kicked off the event. “Hackathons are bringing together a community of people who are bound together by qualities such as passion and a desire to innovate and create.”

Gary and the organizers of the event, including Rita Ann Brosius, Mark Miller, and Walt Nissen, believe the Lab is reaping great rewards from hackathons. The participants are bringing excitement and energy back to their assignments in addition to creating new ideas and evolving existing projects. “Hackathons are changing the Lab for the better,” Gary said.

NIF Computing will organize the next hackathon, to be held in spring 2015.