Lab Director Honors Computation Employees for Excellence in Science and Technology

Friday, September 25, 2015

LLNL director Bill Goldstein presented ten 2015 Director’s Science and Technology (S&T) Excellence in Publication Awards in September. Five of the awards went to Computation staff. The Director’s S&T Awards Program began in 2000 to recognize and celebrate exceptional scientific and technical work by Lab staff.

Nathan Masters was part of a 100-plus person team honored for successfully readying NIF for stockpile stewardship research and safely completing three complex experiments in January, May, and July of this year. Goldstein said the experiments had a “direct impact on our ability to assess the (nuclear) stockpile, exemplifying both the scientific excellence and the impact of that science.”

Brian Behlendorf was awarded as the lead software developer of the ZFS on Linux open source project, a next-generation file system that will help provide the architecture for the Advanced Simulation and Computing Program’s Sequoia HPC system.

Daniel Osei-Kuffuor and Jean-Luc Fattebert were given awards for their paper, “Accurate and Scalable O(N) Algorithm for First- Principles Molecular-Dynamics Computations on Large Parallel Computers,” which appeared in Physical Review Letters.

Olga Pearce was awarded for her research on “Load Balancing N-Body Simulations with Highly Non-Uniform Density,” which she presented at ICS’14, June 10–13, 2014, in Munich, Germany.