Working together to forge new frontiers
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Teaming up for success

At LLNL, our greatest asset is our people. We have a motivated and agile workforce that can easily move between, and apply their skills to, different projects, disciplines, or even industries.

We offer deep and diverse expertise in computation. Computational research and software and hardware development have been essential elements of LLNL since its founding in 1952. We enjoy applying our decades of experience to new challenges.

As a multidisciplinary applied science laboratory, LLNL has scientists and engineers with extensive experience applying computational solutions to a broad set of technical problems in fields such as materials science, energy, nanotechnology, and bioscience.

Whether the research topic is climate change or stockpile stewardship, Laboratory research drives computational research, which in turn drives application and software tool development. We find our application-driven research methods to be an effective and enduring model, one made possible by the skills of our computational researchers.

We take a systems approach to problem solving. We are known for balancing engineering and science in our work, and bringing together researchers from many areas to solve tough problems. Our scientists appreciate and see the value of collaboration. It is the hallmark of what we do and an extension of founder Ernest Lawrence’s vision of team science—solving seemingly intractable problems using all available tools and resources.

We deliver innovative and effective results. Discover how partnering with LLNL Computing experts can advance your research and development goals. Read more about our multidisciplinary collaborations with industry, government agencies, and academia, including key initiatives like the Exascale Computing Project, the Department of Energy’s HPC4 programs, and the CASC Academic Engagement Program.

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