We ally our HPC experts with industry to boost America's economic competitiveness.
Fred Streitz
Director, HPCIC
Fred Streitz and Doug East in front of Vulcan
High Performance Computing Innovation Center

Advancing U.S. industry through HPC

The HPC Innovation Center (HPCIC), an LLNL initiative to which Computing contributes, offers industrial partners a powerful trifecta of problem solvers:

  • The brain trust formed through Livermore’s 65-year history of pursuing a broad base in basic science, engineering, and computer science in support of national security
  • Computing resources and technical expertise from LLNL and the high performance computing (HPC) ecosystem
  • User support organized in an accessible, business-friendly environment

Computing is positioned to offer a unique host of benefits through the HPCIC. Most importantly, our people—our greatest asset—are part of the solutions team. Our computational facilities and data center operations are world-class and have been operating for several decades.

From dynamic meshing algorithms and numerical partial differential equations to novel finite element and Monte Carlo techniques to HPC programming models and scalable debugging tools, industrial partners benefit from decades of computer science investment from the U.S. government.

We compute at the frontier. Because of this heritage, we are among the first to identify and solve with resiliency, fault tolerance, and scalable I/O. We support a broad range of diverse and dynamic computing architectures—Blue Gene/Q; our Linux clusters, some of the largest on the planet (with Zin being the biggest at 980 teraFLOP/s); visualization, high-memory, and big data machines (such as Apache Hadoop servers); and homogeneous and heterogeneous core architectures. We also continually explore new architectures.

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For more information and examples of how HPCIC is accelerating American industry


  • Deep Computing Solutions links IBM and LLNL researchers with U.S. businesses in a dynamic relationship to boost their competitiveness by applying HPC to complex technical problems.

  • hpc4energy partners LLNL supercomputers and multidisciplinary experts with six energy companies, helping them “think differently” and accelerate the development of new products and services.

  • hpc4mfg pairs researchers from several national laboratories and academia with manufacturing companies to deliver solutions that maximize their production environment.

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