Rayleigh–Taylor Instability Simulation
Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Siimulation

The Rayleigh-Taylor instability occurs when a light fluid is accelerated into a heavy fluid, and is a fundamental fluid-mixing mechanism that is important to inertial confinement fluid applications. LLNL has employed the MIRANDA code to conduct several very large simulations (including 720x720x1620 and 1152x1152x1152 meshes) of Rayleigh-Taylor flows. These large-eddy simulations have achieved unprecedented development in the flow, including observations of a mixing transition and early stages of what is likely the first simulation of the truly asymptotic behavior of the instability.

Code: Miranda
Machine: BlueGene/L
Processors: 65,536
Run time: 2 weeks
Visualization: VisIt Team
Researcher: Bill Cabot, Andy Cook