Computational Sciences/Simulation

Our research explores a number of different scientific simulation fields, most of which have particular significance to LLNL programs (e.g., high-energy-density physics). Other scientific simulation work showcases the Lab’s high performance computing capabilities in collaborative efforts with scientists at other institutions. View content related to Computational Sciences/Simulation.

GEFIE-QUAD: Laser Grating Simulation

The code GEFIE-QUAD (gratings electric field integral equation on quadrilateral grids) is a first-principles simulation method to model the interaction of laser light with diffraction gratings, and to determine how grating imperfections can affect the performance of the compressor in a CPA laser system. GEFIE-QUAD gives scientists a powerful simulation tool to predict the performance of a realistic laser compressor.

Accelerating clean energy manufacturing with high performance computing

Lawrence Livermore has once again drawn upon its high performance computing (HPC) expertise to enhance industrial practices in the U.S., with an eye toward advancing the nation’s economic competitiveness. This time, Livermore is leading a program, called HPC for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg), that pairs researchers from several national laboratories and academia with manufacturing companies to deliver solutions that maximize their production environment.


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