Cyber Security

We’re conducting research and developing game-changing tools to meet the nation’s top priorities to enhance security in a highly interconnected world. In particular, our work is focused on developing a distributed approach to real-time situational awareness; advancing predictive and scalable simulations to design and analyze complex systems, such as space system protection and large-scale cyber defense, where full-scale experiments are not possible; and creating analytic methodologies and data management and fusion tools that are needed for the next generations of intelligence applications. View content related to Cyber Security

Broad-based, practical training for early-career cyber professionals

As a national security laboratory, one of Livermore’s missions is to defend the nation’s critical digital infrastructure and assets, about 80 percent of which are owned and operated by private industry. To meet this challenge, the Laboratory must foster and maintain a cadre of cyber security professionals who understand cyber threats and can develop cyber solutions for both the government and private sectors. A collaborative program launched by Bechtel National, Inc.


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