Data Analytics and Management

Data Analytics and Management is the branch of computer science that is concerned with extracting usable information from data. At LLNL, we’re working with data in many forms: text, images, videos, semantic graphs, and more. This data may be “at rest” in files or databases, or “in motion” as it streams in from sensors or other live sources. Our informatics research aims to gain insight from data that is very large, geographically distributed, complex, fast moving, or some combination of these characteristics. Applications for this work span a wide range of LLNL missions, including energy security and efficiency, biosecurity, computer security, and climate change. View content related to Data Analytics and Management.

Kathryn Mohror Completes Tenure as S&TR Scientific Editor

Like many LLNL computer scientists, Kathryn Mohror juggles multiple responsibilities both at her workplace and in the scientific community. She came to the Lab as a postdoctoral researcher in 2010 and joined Computation’s Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) as a staff scientist in 2012. Today she leads CASC’s Data Analysis Group, mentors students, and conducts peer review for scientific journals.


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