I/O, Networking, and Storage

Disk- and tape-delivered I/O bandwidths are being rapidly outpaced by capacity increases, which means valuable processor time is being wasted while waiting for data delivery. For extreme-scale machines to be productive, bandwidth challenges throughout the entire I/O stack must be addressed. We’re working on techniques and technologies that leverage node-local or near-node storage, refactor parallel file systems, and evolve tertiary storage software to enable efficient extreme-scale computing environments. View content related to I/O, Networking, and Storage.

NLIT Event Calendar

When it comes to IT needs, a 6,500-employee national laboratory is effectively a small city. Computation’s enterprise computing–focused divisions provide technical support and customer service for LLNL’s vast inventory of desktop computing hardware/software, servers, mobile devices, as well as other IT services fulfilling Livermore’s requirements in communication, collaboration, and cyber security.


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