Parallel Software Development Tools

We’re working on a new generation of tools to help our users with exascale machine bottlenecks. Our research emphasizes performance analysis and code correctness and aims to address these main challenges: seamless integration with programming models, scalability, automatic analysis, detection of inefficient resource usage, and tool modularity. View content related to Parallel Software Development Tools

Kathryn Mohror completes tenure as S&TR scientific editor

Like many LLNL computer scientists, Kathryn Mohror juggles multiple responsibilities both at her workplace and in the scientific community. She came to the Lab as a postdoctoral researcher in 2010 and joined Computation’s Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) as a staff scientist in 2012. Today she leads CASC’s Data Analysis Group, mentors students, and conducts peer review for scientific journals.

Multi-lab workshops explore advances in HPC performance portability and productivity

The 2019 Department of Energy (DOE) Performance, Portability and Productivity meeting is slated for April 2–4, 2019, in Denver, CO, where attendees will have the opportunity to share ideas and updates on performance portability—the ability for applications to be used effectively on different systems without the need for extreme customizations—across the DOE’s current and future supercomputers.


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