Parallel Software Development Tools

We’re working on a new generation of tools to help our users with exascale machine bottlenecks. Our research emphasizes performance analysis and code correctness and aims to address these main challenges: seamless integration with programming models, scalability, automatic analysis, detection of inefficient resource usage, and tool modularity. View content related to Parallel Software Development Tools

Sphinx: Integrated Parallel Microbenchmark Suite

Sphinx, an integrated parallel microbenchmark suite, consists of a harness for running performance tests and extensive tests of MPI, Pthreads and OpenMP. LLNL adaptations include extensive tests of the Pthreads interface and integration of the LLNL OpenMP Performance Suite. Sphinx is highly portable, and the test harness provides a flexible mechanism for running performance tests. The entire suite is implemented in C and has been run on a wide variety of platforms.

We develop inventive software to enable innovative solutions

Software is everywhere at LLNL. As a Department of Energy (DOE) lab, we strengthen national and global security with a range of programs in fields like counterterrorism, biosecurity, and energy. Our work also contributes to the National Nuclear Security Administration’s stockpile stewardship mission. Researchers inside and outside the Lab rely on our high performance computing (HPC) center to advance science and technology.


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