Software Quality Assurance

Our SQA experts provide guidance on SQA policy for the entire LLNL community and ensure compliance with DOE and NNSA orders and policies. We emphasize what has to be done, not how to do it. By taking a risk-based graded approach to LLNL’s unique and varied software projects, we’re able to maximize each project’s effectiveness and assist in identification and mitigation of project risks. Our team consults throughout the DOE complex, and we provide scientists and researchers with simple, user-friendly tools, templates, checklists, classes, and other related resources. View content related to Software Quality Assurance.

We develop inventive software to enable innovative solutions

Software is everywhere at LLNL. As a Department of Energy (DOE) lab, we strengthen national and global security with a range of programs in fields like counterterrorism, biosecurity, and energy. Our work also contributes to the National Nuclear Security Administration’s stockpile stewardship mission. Researchers inside and outside the Lab rely on our high performance computing (HPC) center to advance science and technology.

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