System Software

We’re creating an LLNL commodity cluster system software environment based on Linux/Open-Source. We use the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, stripping out the modules we don’t need and adding and modifying components as required. Working in open source allows for important HPC customizations and builds in-house expertise. Having in-house software developers is necessary to quickly resolve problems (especially at scale) on our cutting-edge hardware without having to wait for the vendors. The environment includes Linux kernel modifications, cluster management tools, monitoring and failure detection, resource management, authentication and access control, and parallel file system software (detailed elsewhere). These clusters provide users with a production solution capable of running MPI jobs at scale. View content related to System Software.

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When it comes to IT needs, a 6,500-employee national laboratory is effectively a small city. Computation’s enterprise computing–focused divisions provide technical support and customer service for LLNL’s vast inventory of desktop computing hardware/software, servers, mobile devices, as well as other IT services fulfilling Livermore’s requirements in communication, collaboration, and cyber security.


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