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XDIR and XFTP: FTP Clients with Graphical User Interfaces

XDIR and XFTP provide Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for transferring files and organizing directories. They replace the command-line Unix tools, such as FTP, ls, cd, cp, mv, and find. XDIR is the successor to XFTP, expanding the functionality from transfers between two hosts to transfers between a variety of local and remote hosts.

The XDIR program uses the familiar folder-icon metaphor to simultaneously display windows representing several hosts, which can be any combination of local and remote machines. Users initiate FTP transfers simply by dragging files on the screen and dropping them onto the appropriate window. Each XDIR window has a complete set of controls for setting modes and invoking operations, such as viewing graphics or text files, or launching applications on local or remote hosts.

In contrast to XDIR's drag-and-drop operations between multiple windows, the XFTP interface is limited to two windows representing any two hosts. Users may select files in either window and then launch a viewer or transfer the files to the other host or local directory by clicking a button. XFTP is a good choice for users who need a compact program for FTP transfers, but don't need the additional organizational capabilities of XDIR.

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Last modified on November 14, 2007
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