SC18: Demonstrating In-Situ Computer Simulation Visualization and Analysis

An integral aspect of the move toward exascale computing and systems 50 times more power than today’s is the advancement of tools that will allow results to be seen while a simulation runs—a process called in-situ visualization and analysis. The key benefit of this process is that it allows input/output bottlenecks to be circumvented. 

Many computing community tools allow for in-situ visualization and analysis, but a product called ALPINE Ascent is the first one meant for next-generation supercomputers. Hosted by the Exascale Computing Project, LLNL’s Cyrus Harrison, Eric Brugger, and Matt Larsen discuss the Ascent software. These interviews took place at the SC18 supercomputing conference (November 11–16, 2018) in Dallas. ALPINE Ascent is referred to as a flyweight in-situ visualization and analysis library for ECP applications.