Collapsing Bubbles Simulation
Collapsing bubbles simulation

To explore unique phenomena associated with clouds of collapsing bubbles, Lawrence Livermore scientists and collaborators performed the largest-ever fluid dynamics simulation, employing 13 trillion cells and reaching an unprecedented, for flow simulations, 14.4 petaflop sustained performance on Sequoia—73 percent of the supercomputer’s theoretical peak. The simulations resolved 15,000 bubbles, a 150-fold improvement over previous research and a 20-fold reduction in time to solution. The team won the Gordon Bell Prize at Supercomputing 2013 in Denver, Colorado. Image courtesy of Petros Koumoutsakos zVg/CSE Laboratory, ETH Zurich.

Machine: Sequoia
Cores: 1,572,864
Visualization: ETH Zurich, IBM Zurich Research, Technical University of Munich, and LLNL
Contact: Adam Bertsch, Scott Futral