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Livermore Computing Training Announcement

Title: Performance and Correctness with the Vampir Tool-Suite and MUST
Date/Times: Apr 3, 2012
10am - noon: Presentations and demos
1:30pm - 5pm: Individual sessions scheduled through Martin Schulz (
Location: B453, R1012 (Black Diamond Room)
Description: Growing scale and heterogeneity of modern high performance systems increases the development overheads for efficient and correct applications. Tools can support application developers and system administrators to reduce these overheads. We present the Vampir tool suite that provides deep and detailed insights into application performance, for various architectures and programming paradigms, and the MUST tool that provides runtime detection of MPI usage errors. We will first present these tools, their features, and important advances in an overview session. This includes solutions for performance analysis with 200,000 application processes on the Jaguar system at ORNL. Afterwards, we introduce each tool separately with usage information and a short live demonstration for interested users.

This seminar is intended for application developers interested learning about the capabilities of Vampir and MUST as well as for researchers interested in state of the art performance and verification tools for MPI. The presentation will include live demonstration of the tools. Additionally, the presenters will be available in the afternoon of April 3rd for demonstration and training sessions for individual application developers and development teams. Please contact Martin Schulz ( if you are interested in scheduling such a session.

Presentors: Tobias Hilbrich and Matthias Mueller from Technische Universitaet Dresden
Fee: None
Registration: No registration is required. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Questions? Please contact Martin Schulz (