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Livermore Computing Workshop Announcement

Title: Sequoia/Vulcan BG/Q Workshop
Date: April 30, 2013 1:00 - 5:00pm
Location: Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque
Building 880, Room C35F (enter through Y36)
Description: LLNL Sequoia BG/Q system Sequoia is LLNL's 20 Petaflop, IBM BG/Q system, designated as a Tri-lab classified computing resource. Vulcan is LLNL's 5 Petaflop, IBM BG/Q system, available for unclassified ASC and institutional computing. This half-day training session is intended for new users of these systems. Topics covered include:
  • Sequoia/Vulcan General Configuration
  • BG/Q Hardware
  • Accessing LLNL's BG/Q Systems
  • Software and Development Environment
  • Compilers
  • MPI, OpenMP and Pthreads on BG/Q
  • Running Jobs - Batch and Interactive
  • Memory Considerations
  • Transactional Memory and Speculative Execution
  • QPX Floating-point Unit
  • Parallel I/O, HPSS
  • Debugging
  • Performance Analysis Tools
  • Documentation and Additional Information Resources
  • Hands-on Exercises - temporary workshop accounts on the unclassified Vulcan system will be provided for hands-on exercises.
Fee: No cost
Level/Prerequisites: Intended for those who are new to developing parallel programs in the IBM BG/Q environment. A basic understanding of parallel programming with C or Fortran is an essential prerequisite.
Hardcopy: Hardcopy notes will NOT be provided. If you desire a hardcopy version of the tutorial, please go to and print your own hardcopy to bring to class.
Registration: Please contact Karen Haskell:
Questions: Questions about workshop content can be sent to Blaise Barney Questions about registration and local logistics can be sent to Karen Haskell: