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Livermore Computing Workshop Announcement

Title: Sequoia/Vulcan BG/Q Workshop
Date: May 1, 2013 1:00 - 5:00pm
Location: Los Alamos National Laboratory
TA-00, Building 767 (Shaw building), Solana Room 149 (see directions below)
Description: LLNL Sequoia BG/Q system Sequoia is LLNL's 20 Petaflop, IBM BG/Q system, designated as a Tri-lab classified computing resource. Vulcan is LLNL's 5 Petaflop, IBM BG/Q system, available for unclassified ASC and institutional computing. This half-day training session is intended for new users of these systems. Topics covered include:
  • Sequoia/Vulcan General Configuration
  • BG/Q Hardware
  • Accessing LLNL's BG/Q Systems
  • Software and Development Environment
  • Compilers
  • MPI, OpenMP and Pthreads on BG/Q
  • Running Jobs - Batch and Interactive
  • Memory Considerations
  • Transactional Memory and Speculative Execution
  • QPX Floating-point Unit
  • Parallel I/O, HPSS
  • Debugging
  • Performance Analysis Tools
  • Documentation and Additional Information Resources
  • Hands-on Exercises - temporary workshop accounts on the unclassified Vulcan system will be provided for hands-on exercises.
Fee: No cost
Level/Prerequisites: Intended for those who are new to developing parallel programs in the IBM BG/Q environment. A basic understanding of parallel programming with C or Fortran is an essential prerequisite.
Hardcopy: Hardcopy notes will NOT be provided. If you desire a hardcopy version of the tutorial, please go to and print your own hardcopy to bring to class.
Registration: Please contact Rob Cunningham:
Directions: TA-00, Bldg. 767 (The Shaw Building in Central Park Square)
  • From the TA-03, take Diamond Drive to Trinity Drive
  • Turn right (east) onto Trinity Drive.
  • Turn left (north) onto 15th Street.
  • Travel two blocks north on 15th Street (Go past the YMCA on your right.)
  • At the corner of Myrtle and 15th Street, turn left (west) into the northwest parking lot of Central Park Square.
  • Enter Central Park Square using the north facing double glass doors. Enter the first door to your immediate left, into Suite 135A. Continue down the hallway to Solana, Room 149.
What to Bring: Attendees will need their "visitor network" credential and password generated in by their RLM. (Responsible line manager, a LANL term, usually means Group Leader.) They should also bring their LANL Yellow Cryptocard to access anything inside the LANL firewall.
Questions: Questions about workshop content can be sent to Blaise Barney Questions about registration and local logistics can be sent to Rob Cunningham: